The best of events, and the worst of events..

We’ve been to them all.  For years we have been a company of individuals who get excited about the unique experiences of a truly great event. In our travels we’ve noticed that what sets a great event apart is an ability to adapt, create individualized experiences and foster great connections in their community. We know that expensive, time-consuming events haven’t gone away for one simple reason, because human connections are invaluable. So we set out with a vision, event technology that helps people connect and form valuable, measurable relationships. It’s been a long road to get here, but we are proud to provide our customers with the most intuitive, powerful event platform around.

Where We Came From

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We began providing ordering services in 1999 for the buying trade shows of food distributors like Sysco and US Foods, establishing ourselves in data-heavy operations like these provided the footing for where we are today. You may have known us as Data Connect, but times they are a-changin’ and with a brand new version of our trade show platform it was time to unveil a brand new brand.  We still have all our great team, and 16 years of event data know-how, just with a refined system that’s ready to help events of all shapes and sizes succeed like never before.