In our ongoing mission to create the most versatile suite of event management technologies on the market, we realized pretty quickly that we couldn't handle all aspects of event tech. So, we've formed a series of invaluable partnerships with specialists from around the industry, allowing us all to focus on our respective areas of expertise while building key product integrations. All to help your events be more successful than ever.


What Core-APps Does:

Scalable, innovative, award-winning event apps.
The boundary-pushing minds at Core-apps have developed the most robust event application platform on the market today. Events can use their fully-brandable apps to create interactive floor maps, event-specific social networks, targeted notification systems, personalized schedules and much more. Core-apps has helped countless events step into the 21st century.

How we work together:

We integrate Core-apps directly with our websites and pre-registration systems to make sure attendees download and understand your event app, delivering maximum engagement, utility and ROI.


What showcare does:

The integrated registration and housing platform.
Showcare provides a full suite of next-gen technology for some of today's top events, but they have a special knack for seamlessly handling registration and housing for attendees and exhibitors. Their robust systems make registering for an event and booking hotel rooms a seamless experience; plus they save you time, money and hassle along the way.

How we work together:

For client's requiring housing services for their events our websites and pre-registration systems feed key data into ShowCare's housing system. Together we make sure rooms are booked, registrants are secured, and key data is collected leading up to your event.

What Educational Measures Does:

Live meeting technology to create remarkable meeting experiences.
Educational Measures provides iPad-based second screen technology to make your seminars more engaging than ever before. Let attendees take notes, ask questions and submit responses in real-time with your speakers. Plus, you'll get in-depth reporting on what your attendees were most engaged by throughout your event.

How we work together:

Being our neighbors here in Colorado we have a bit of a proclivity of sharing equipment and staff with Educational Measures, but for our clients we help register attendees for your sessions to make sure equipment is ready and every participant can be fully immersed with your speaker.

What allcal does:

The community-driven calendar app that helps you get together with the people who matter.
AllCal helps events organize hectic schedules and keep staff, exhibitors and attendees up to date. Their calendaring applications let you push out the key agenda updates that make your event more successful, and have made a pivotal difference for events like L.A. Comic Con.

How we work together:

For client's with wide-ranging and evolving schedules of expos, sessions, meet ups and other events, we will integrate schedule data from AllCal into key touch points that keep all of our event's stakeholders in the know.

Want to learn more?

We're constantly devising new and innovative ways to help our clients succeed through our partnerships, so if you want to discuss specific implementations for your event please don't hesitate to reach out.