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Our organizers platform is the front-to-back technology solution for your next event; you’ll be able to manage all of your event tech from one easy-to-use dashboard freeing up time to ensure other aspects of your event go off without a hitch. But more importantly, the Brolly system will provide you with valuable insights right when you need them to take action.

We began as a data management company and have stayed true to our roots in building out our full-service analytics platform. The entire Brolly system was built to allow the capture and deep analysis of key data. Over the years we’ve improved the actionability of these insights, culminating in our latest release. Today, an intuitive dashboard will put every key metric right at your fingertips allowing improved, educated decision-making. 

At each stage of your event:

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Gather key registration data to cater your events precisely to different audience groups, and create an unstoppable event day game plan.

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Show day

On the day of your event data pours in, is analyzed in real time and then is piped directly to your dashboard, making you a mobile, event-optimizing machine.

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Following UP

Deliver unexpected value to your attendees and exhibitors with next-gen lead analysis and flawless order processing.


Event Websites

As with so many other offerings in today’s world a great website is your first opportunity to make a great impression in the market place. With Brolly Sites just upload your content and we’ll handle the build. With responsive and customizable site templates your event will put a great first foot forward, and because it’s built with Brolly, every site allows for integrated data capture complete with in-depth analytics. This analysis comes to you as intuitive, easy to act on insights. You’ll have a wealth of usable info leading up to your event to help you wow attendees.

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Market Your Event

A website is just the first step; the complete Brolly Sites module lets you reach new audiences and boost your potential attendees. We can help you customize your marketing tactics, discover great social media strategies for events, and develop great content to attract the right audience. Together we can implement high ROI strategies to maximize the success of your event. 

Check out a sample site From Brolly:

If pictures are worth a thousand words, how many words is a running website worth?
Poke around our demonstration site today and see.


Less lines, more smiles.

We all know that one of the biggest attendee pain points, and thus organizer headaches, lies in registration. We’ve used our years of experience to perfect a blazing fast registration system. Attendees arrive with a unique QR code, and with a quick scan their badge prints out instantly. Cut out time-consuming form entry, ID searches, and badge organization. Brolly Registration gets attendees to the floor quickly, cuts down lines and keeps attendees (and you) happy.



Cut down on printing

Not only is Brolly Registration lightning fast, it also cuts out reams of unnecessary printing.  Attendees check-in digitally and all that needs to be printed is their small, recyclable name badge. Cut down on printing and save time, money and the planet.

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We've partnered with the great team at Core-apps to integrate our powerful data capture with their world-class event apps. 

We've partnered with the great team at Core-apps to integrate our powerful data capture with their world-class event apps. 


Deliver Customized Schedules and maps

After collecting key data during registration you'll be able to curate unforgettable experiences for both your attendees and exhibitors. Help everyone find just what they're looking for with a fully-interactive map. Core-apps helps everyone have a highly productive and rewarding event.


Track movement and Collect feedback in real-time

It's best to collect attendee and exhibitor feedback right when it's fresh. By including an app into your event you'll be able to collect thoughts on seminars and workshops right when they let out. Plus with integrated floor traffic tracking you can see first hand the value of different areas of your event.


Deliver Catered Content

Using attendee profiles your event app will deliver content right into attendees' pockets that's catered to their interests. Help your attendees find new connections on the floor and get more value out of your event. Plus with materials tracking you'll be able to see what content performs best, throughout the day.


Gamify your event

Build custom scavenger hunt games to increase your attendee engagement throughout your event. Steer participants into unexpected discoveries and experiences to make your event more immersive and help build connections that might never have occurred otherwise.


Brolly Live provides guests, talent and staff a seamless event experience from beginning to end via a RFID enabled wristband. Track location, process payments, control zone access and create a complete guided event experience.


Increase Event Revenue

Cashless purchasing at events is the best way to grow your per attendee revenue. Attendees set-up secure payment accounts during registration and can top up these accounts at any time during the event.  Brolly Live wristbands use RFID in close proximity to the till, allowing for quick, secure payments. The wristband works online or offline so you never miss a sales opportunity.

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Brolly Live- Webpage Imagery-02.png

Drive Real Engagement

With Brolly Live you can engage attendees and activate sponsor brands in a measurable way.  Whether they choose a rewards system or free samples, every registered attendee’s interaction can be tracked.  Attendees that have great experiences at your event want to take some of that experience home with them.  Engagement and brand activation with Brolly Live allows you to provide that experience, creating value well past event day.

Security and Access Control

High volume events always need to move people through their entrances quickly.   With Brolly Live your attendees can enter the event with a swipe of the wrist.  The band prevents ticket sharing and other forms of fraud, and can create premium passes for different areas within your event.  Each attendee has the authorization built into the RFID band to allow them to easy access to the correct area, leaving you with a more seamless, more immersive event. 

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Brolly Live- Webpage Imagery-04.png

Tracking Data For Powerful Insights

Every RFID band identifies the location of the attendee throughout your event, when scanned by your staff or on one of the stationary engagement points.  Transaction, location, preference and brand activation data are just some of the types of data you can collect using Brolly Live.  Your event is about great experiences; we provide the insights to help you make it better every year.

Born From Collaboration

Brolly Live is the newest part of our ever-expanding event technology platform, and was brought about via a partnership with Wrist Marketing/ Global Barcode, some of the UK's best in the RFID business. By pairing up data collected in the rest of the Brolly Platform with RFID tracking data we will unlock more paradigm-shifting insights than ever before.

See how your event can get started with RFID tracking today!


Let technology take the back seat

Few would disagree that effective lead capture is frequently one of the most important aspects of a great event. But we have  found that with clumsy interfaces and repetitive tasks, too often technology was distracting what a lead really is, a connection. That’s why our lead systems reduce lead capture time and facilitate those authentic, human connections that make events so important.

What type of lead capture works for your event?

A classic lead system that allows exhibitors to connect with attendees and qualify leads right on the show floor.

A new view of lead capture that puts attendees in the driver seat, delivering unbiased, actionable leads.

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A lead or an order?

If your event supports lead capture it can support event commerce. With our simple interface placing an order is literally just a click away.


Deals that close sales

Authorized exhibitors have complete control to add a variety of show-wide or attendee specific deals to their products to get business moving that day.


Fly through the sale

Attendees and exhibitors demand maximum productivity from your event, so we have built-in tools to keep average order times below 1 minute.


On-site support

Adding commerce to an event is key to event success. So our team of professional, trained tech specialists can be on site for a flawless event.


Since we began in event COmmerce systems...

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We began in 2005 with a system called Show Expert, a proprietary touch-screen ordering system for use at trade shows. Over the years we've learned, evolved the system and finally brought it into our complete event solution platform. Our ordering systems look quite different from where we began, but with Brolly Commerce you'll get the most robust and intuitive order capture and processing system available.

One Complete Event Solution

These modules make up the robust Brolly Event Platform for Organizers. Each piece can be used on it's own and catered to your event's unique needs, and every module will feed back key data to your organizer dashboard at just the right time to take action. Utilizing the complete Brolly Event System will allow data synergies that create truly profound insights into the details of what’s happening at your event.


Try it today, to see how Brolly can make your next event, your best yet.