Brolly Live provides guests, talent and staff a seamless event experience from beginning to end via a RFID enabled wristband. Track location, process payments, control zone access and create a complete guided event experience.


Increase Event Revenue

Cashless purchasing at events is the best way to grow your per attendee revenue. Attendees set-up secure payment accounts during registration and can top up these accounts at any time during the event.  Brolly Live wristbands use RFID in close proximity to the till, allowing for quick, secure payments. The wristband works online or offline so you never miss a sales opportunity.

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Drive Real Engagement

With Brolly Live you can engage attendees and activate sponsor brands in a measurable way.  Whether they choose a rewards system or free samples, every registered attendee’s interaction can be tracked.  Attendees that have great experiences at your event want to take some of that experience home with them.  Engagement and brand activation with Brolly Live allows you to provide that experience, creating value well past event day.

Security and Access Control

High volume events always need to move people through their entrances quickly.   With Brolly Live your attendees can enter the event with a swipe of the wrist.  The band prevents ticket sharing and other forms of fraud, and can create premium passes for different areas within your event.  Each attendee has the authorization built into the RFID band to allow them to easy access to the correct area, leaving you with a more seamless, more immersive event. 

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Tracking Data For Powerful Insights

Every RFID band identifies the location of the attendee throughout your event, when scanned by your staff or on one of the stationary engagement points.  Transaction, location, preference and brand activation data are just some of the types of data you can collect using Brolly Live.  Your event is about great experiences; we provide the insights to help you make it better every year.

Born From Collaboration

Brolly Live is the newest part of our ever-expanding event technology platform, and was brought about via a partnership with Wrist Marketing/ Global Barcode, some of the UK's best in the RFID business. By pairing up data collected in the rest of the Brolly Platform with RFID tracking data we will unlock more paradigm-shifting insights than ever before.

See how your event can get started with RFID tracking today!