For many trade shows, leads captured is a key measurement of success, so we've built our next-gen lead capture system to focus on what a lead is at it's core: a connection. With Brolly Leads your exhibitors will spend less time focusing on getting a lead captured and qualified, and more time personally connecting with valuable attendees.

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Seamlessly capture lead info

For too long clunky interfaces have stood between exhibitors and their prospects; with Brolly Leads a simple scan of an attendees badge or business card is all it takes to get a conversation started. The simple interface helps exhibitors qualify prospects in key areas to their business, and facilitates the human connections that make trade shows so valuable. 

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Collect key qualifying data

Every business needs different information on their leads, so we can turn control of the qualification surveys built into our leads system over to exhibitors. These in-depth questions not only foster a deep understanding of an event’s prospects but also facilitate natural conversations that help booth staff know how to move things forward with each connection.

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Build great connections

Usually, lead capture and qualification takes under a minute which means that the majority of time spent in a booth can focus on what’s really important: forging connections. Booth staff can take cues from earlier in the conversation and qualification survey to ensure that every prospect leaves your booth with enough information and a drive to follow up.