Back in 1999, we began adopting our suite of data management technologies to serve the unique needs of distributor hosted events with a keen eye on trade show ordering and event ROI. Well, fast-forward nearly 20 years and our trade show commerce systems have been through countless iterations and cover a wider range of B2B trade shows than ever, but they still set the standard for trade show monetization, ordering, sales and data insights around the world. 

Distributor Industries We serve:

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At it's core the Brolly Platform is an event data management system, so we built an incredibly versatile and intuitive portal for organizers, exhibitors and other key stakeholders in your event. All to deliver key insights when they make the most impact.

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All of your show, all in one place.

We all know how hectic managing a great trade show can be. So, we built our event portal to work where and when you need it. When you manage an event with Brolly we build, back up and secure a complete database of all of your show's information. Then, you can simply login to your portal to add important data, control key aspects of your show and get the actionable data insights that will make your event a success.

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More Control Over Complex Deals.

For many distributors incentivizing orders via great show day deals can make or break an event. Now, in your portal you'll have more control than ever over what deals take place. Every item, discount and order intuitively appears in your portal complete with pivotal reports and insights that allow you to leverage powerful deals like never before.


Empower Your Exhibitors.

Just because you have all the power doesn't mean you have to do all the work. Empower your exhibitors to load up the products, deals and sales materials that will help them achieve their event goals. Or don't. You have complete control over which users have access to the portal's many features and reports.

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Pre-Registration Websites

With so much digital noise in today’s world, a great website is your first opportunity to cut through and make a great impression in the market place. With Brolly Sites, just upload your content and we’ll handle the build. With responsive and customizable site templates your event will put a great first foot forward, and because it’s built with Brolly, every site allows for integrated data capture and in-depth analytics. You’ll have a wealth of critical data leading up to your event to help you wow attendees and exhibitors.

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Market Your Show

A website is just the first step; the complete Brolly Sites module lets you reach new audiences and boost your potential attendees. We can help you customize your marketing tactics, discover great social media strategies for events, and develop targeted content to attract the right audience. Together, we implement high ROI strategies to maximize the success of your event. 

Check out a sample site From Brolly:

If pictures are worth a thousand words, how many words is a running website worth?
Poke around our demonstration site today and see.

We're often asked what sets Brolly apart, and to be a bit cliche: it's our people. Not only do we hire the smartest, most motivated event support staff members on the planet, our jet-setting teams are on hand to ensure success at more events than any of our competitors. For many clients our event support members become invaluable partners in the success of their shows.


From Empty site to Up-and-Running

Our teams can take any space and turn it into a finely tuned, tech-driven event in no time. No need to worry about contracting other services, from wifi to registration to on-floor solutions our teams get your event up and running.


On-Site teams: take your mind off tech

During the show we know that your plate is chock-full. So put event tech on us; our on-site teams and solution specific support systems will quell any issues before they arise, so you don't have to think twice about show technology. Often our teams arrive alongside decorators and remain on-site until everything is packed up and you're 100% satisfied.

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Master support for cloud applications

With so many of our services backed-up, and in some cases, running directly in the cloud it's crucial to have accessible on-line support. That's why for every event, even those without on-site teams, our in-house support masters are just a quick call away to help out with any concerns; we promise every call will be answered by a real, live support person.


Less lines, Less stress.

We all know that one of the biggest attendee pain points, and thus organizer headaches, lies in registration. We’ve used our years of experience to perfect a blazing fast reg system where attendees arrive with a QR code, and with a quick scan their badge prints out instantly. Cut out time-consuming form entry, ID searches and badge organization. Brolly Registration gets attendees to the floor quickly, cuts down lines and keeps attendees (and you) happy.

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Cut down on printing.

Not only is Brolly Registration lightning fast, it also cuts out reams of unnecessary printing. Attendees check-in digitally and all that needs to be printed is their small, recyclable name badge. Cut down on printing to save time, money and the planet.

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Collect Key Data.

With our iPad-based registration system you can now ask key survey questions to attendees right at check-in. Collect feedback right when it's top-of-mind that can boost your success at this show, and for years down the road.


For many trade shows, leads captured is a key measurement of success, so we've built our next-gen lead capture system to focus on what a lead is at it's core: a connection. With Brolly Leads your exhibitors will spend less time focusing on getting a lead captured and qualified, and more time personally connecting with valuable attendees.

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Seamlessly capture lead info

For too long clunky interfaces have stood between exhibitors and their prospects; with Brolly Leads a simple scan of an attendees badge or business card is all it takes to get a conversation started. The simple interface helps exhibitors qualify prospects in key areas to their business, and facilitates the human connections that make trade shows so valuable. 

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Collect key qualifying data

Every business needs different information on their leads, so we can turn control of the qualification surveys built into our leads system over to exhibitors. These in-depth questions not only foster a deep understanding of an event’s prospects but also facilitate natural conversations that help booth staff know how to move things forward with each connection.

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Build great connections

Usually, lead capture and qualification takes under a minute which means that the majority of time spent in a booth can focus on what’s really important: forging connections. Booth staff can take cues from earlier in the conversation and qualification survey to ensure that every prospect leaves your booth with enough information and a drive to follow up.

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Brolly Commerce, our flagship solution, truly sets us apart from a sea of other event management technologies. Recently honored with the Event Technology Award for event monetization, our commerce systems transform standard B2B trade shows into sales-driving events that exhibitors and attendees alike prioritize on their calendars year after year.


A lead or an order?

If your event supports lead capture, it can support event commerce. With our simple interface placing an order is literally just a click away. Empower your exhibitors to get business started right on the show floor, and make your event the most valuable item on their calendar.


Fly through the sale.

Attendees and exhibitors demand maximum productivity from your event, so we have built-in tools to keep average order times under one minute. From pre-booking orders for repeat customers, to intuitive multi-order modes, to flexible deals, your exhibitors will pick up our iPad-based system and cruise through orders in no time.


Deals that close sales.

Maximize the value of your show by empowering exhibitors to add discounts and deals that close sales right on the show floor. All the while you have access to, and control over, every deal and sale through your event portal.

Since we began in event COmmerce systems...

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We began in 2005 with a system called Show Expert, a proprietary touch-screen ordering system for use at trade shows. Over the years we've learned, evolved the system, and finally brought it into our complete event solution platform. Our ordering systems look quite different from where we began, but with Brolly Commerce you'll get the most robust order capture and processing system available.

One Complete Event Solution

These modules make up the robust Brolly Event Platform for Distributors. But it doesn't stop here, be sure to check out our festival solutions for even more ways to make your event successful. Each module can be used as a stand alone service or incorporated into a full technology suite catered to the unique needs of your event.


Try it today, to see how Brolly can make your next show, your best yet.