We cut our teeth in the world of distributor trade shows, where ROI makes and breaks events every year. Over the past decade we have constantly been pushing the boundaries of how to monitor and crank up ROI at events of all shapes and sizes. These days the Brolly Event Solutions platform comes with a suite of powerful tools with one simple goal in mind: improve financial return on your next event.


Actionable Insights

Where are attendees going? How long are they staying? Who are they talking to? At every stage of the event the Brolly system is collecting data on your event, which is then translated into simple, actionable insights to improve your event and keep ROI climbing.


In-Depth Leads

For many events helping exhibitors collect great leads provides untold value. So our lead capture systems let exhibitors seamlessly capture precious lead information while getting to know attendees. No tripping over clunky lead capture thank-you-very-much.

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Event-day Sales

Why stop at taking a lead? The Brolly difference truly lies in our event commerce systems. With this revolutionary system your attendees and exhibitors can do business right from the show floor. Real commerce is the best way to make your event invaluable for everyone. 

Why Wonder?

Why wonder where your event budget is best spent? Why wonder about the best ways to communicate to your attendees and exhibitors? Why wonder where ROI lies for your event?

We're ready to bring clarity and success to your next event with our suite of ROI boosting solutions. To get a no-obligation walkthrough of our products simply fill out the form and you'll be on your way to a more successful event.