At it's core the Brolly Platform is an event data management system, so we built an incredibly versatile and intuitive portal for organizers, exhibitors and other key stakeholders in your event. All to deliver key insights when they make the most impact.

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All of your show, all in one place.

We all know how hectic managing a great trade show can be. So, we built our event portal to work where and when you need it. When you manage an event with Brolly we build, back up and secure a complete database of all of your show's information. Then, you can simply login to your portal to add important data, control key aspects of your show and get the actionable data insights that will make your event a success.

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More Control Over Complex Deals.

For many distributors incentivizing orders via great show day deals can make or break an event. Now, in your portal you'll have more control than ever over what deals take place. Every item, discount and order intuitively appears in your portal complete with pivotal reports and insights that allow you to leverage powerful deals like never before.


Empower Your Exhibitors.

Just because you have all the power doesn't mean you have to do all the work. Empower your exhibitors to load up the products, deals and sales materials that will help them achieve their event goals. Or don't. You have complete control over which users have access to the portal's many features and reports.