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A lead or an order?

If your event supports lead capture it can support event commerce. With our simple interface placing an order is literally just a click away.


Deals that close sales

Authorized exhibitors have complete control to add a variety of show-wide or attendee specific deals to their products to get business moving that day.


Fly through the sale

Attendees and exhibitors demand maximum productivity from your event, so we have built-in tools to keep average order times below 1 minute.


On-site support

Adding commerce to an event is key to event success. So our team of professional, trained tech specialists can be on site for a flawless event.


Since we began in event COmmerce systems...

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We began in 2005 with a system called Show Expert, a proprietary touch-screen ordering system for use at trade shows. Over the years we've learned, evolved the system and finally brought it into our complete event solution platform. Our ordering systems look quite different from where we began, but with Brolly Commerce you'll get the most robust and intuitive order capture and processing system available.

One Complete Event Solution

These modules make up the robust Brolly Event Platform for Organizers. Each piece can be used on it's own and catered to your event's unique needs, and every module will feed back key data to your organizer dashboard at just the right time to take action. Utilizing the complete Brolly Event System will allow data synergies that create truly profound insights into the details of what’s happening at your event.


Try it today, to see how Brolly can make your next event, your best yet.