We began as a data management company and have stayed true to our roots in building out our full-service analytics platform. The entire Brolly system was built to allow the capture and deep analysis of key data. Over the years we’ve improved the actionability of these insights, culminating in our latest release. Today, an intuitive dashboard will put every key metric right at your fingertips allowing improved, educated decision-making. 

At each stage of your event:

Organizer- Pre Event-01.png


Gather key registration data to cater your events precisely to different audience groups, and create an unstoppable event day game plan.

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Show day

On the day of your event data pours in, is analyzed in real time and then is piped directly to your dashboard, making you a mobile, event-optimizing machine.

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Following UP

Deliver unexpected value to your attendees and exhibitors with next-gen lead analysis and flawless order processing.