Why RFID is a Must at Festivals

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is making waves in the global festival and live events markets. This secure electronic chip embedded into a wristband is being used more and more at live events for cashless payments, ticketless entry, and access management. Some of the benefits from utilizing RFID solutions include improved operational efficiencies, increased on-site revenue and an enhanced, interactive festival experience.

One of the greatest benefits of RFID wristbands at festivals is cashless transactions.

RFID technology has quickly evolved to make it easier for staff to confirm the identity of who can go where, and has many interactive qualities including allowing users to tap their bracelets to enter contests or sponsored brand activities. One of the greatest benefits of RFID wristbands at festivals is cashless transactions. Cashless RFID transactions are becoming more common among a growing number of music festivals. The new payment system also allows tracking the patterns of flow throughout festivals, and also cuts down on fraud and scalping tickets.

According to an article from TechRadar Pro, “The advantages of a fully cashless event experience are numerous: faster transactions resulting in shorter queues, if any; no need to carry cash or credit cards with the risk of theft or loss; and more importantly, on-site revenue growth has been proven to increase by 15% to 30%.” 

There are also many social media advantages when using RFID technology. It is a great way to engage audiences in social marketing ventures. As found through TechWeek Europe, the benefits of utilizing RFID technology include: valuable real-time insights, Facebook and Twitter profiles linked to RFID wristband bridge the physical and digital world; check in points, status updates, photo uploads, surveys and reward areas allow your audience to share its excitement online; sponsor competitions, elimination of counterfeit tickets, and knowing your audience on a whole new personalized level.

-Written by: Alicia Borley

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