Thank You Expo!Expo!

Well we're just catching back up here at Brolly HQ after the whirlwind week that IAEE's Expo! Expo! always is. We wanted to take a second to thank everyone who came out and visited our booth; it was great to connect and we're excited to work with you going forward. Also, a big shout out to our friends at Showcare and AllCal for working with us to make this event so successful.

It's always great to be a part of this event every year, as it truly showcases what is up and coming in the events the folks at IAEE know how to show everyone a great time. We were very interested to see the surge in size of many event tech companies' displays (ourselves included, were twice as large as in 2015). Additionally, it was compelling to see how different industry players are approaching the creation of a full service suite of event tech. Some goliath's have extended arms into new arenas; but many smaller players have decided to partner up and work together to expand their offerings while maintaining their focus and specialty.

We also enjoyed testing out our new lead spot concept (picture below) which reimagines the use of UHF RFID sensors and tags to physically engage attendees on the show floor. It's sort of a modernization of our attendee driven leads system that's more engaging and doesn't require the user to scan a QR code. We picture some really fun uses for this tech as we polish up it's deployment, from lead capture to brand activation to event gamification, it just takes imagination to think of fun ways to use this tech.

Be sure to check out our short gallery of highlights from the event, and of course if you have any questions about the goodies we were showing off at Expo!Expo! don't hesitate to reach out!