Show Floor To Store Door: Our Latest Guide

If you know anything about the work we do here at Brolly, you likely know that our primary focus lies on distributor trade shows. These unique events have spurred the development of our proprietary event commerce systems, and continue to drive our passions today. So, naturally, over the years we've supported hundreds of B2B trade shows, and now with out latest guide we're passing along some of our insights to the organizers of these events.

We've seen events absolutely take off with their sales and others fall completely flat. We've seen highly incentivized shows, and one's where commerce takes a back seat. But the most noticeable commonality we've seen is that the most successful shows close the gap between show floor activity and in-store success for their customers.

At the end of the day, every event needs to solve a need for it's attendees and exhibitors. This guide focuses on using smart commerce applications to help all of your participants tie the things they learned, products they bought and relationships they made directly to their success.

In this free guide you'll get an in-depth look at 5 best practices we've developed over the years, applied examples, and hand checklists to help you employ these techniques at your next show.