Serendipity: Facilitating Partnerships at Your Events

Although trade shows are a great way to increase sales and B2B leads, they also offer a great opportunity for trade show exhibitors to form partnerships with other exhibitors, some of whom may have interests similar to theirs, opening the possibility of a deal to help one another. When that happens, they’re going to see your event as playing a critical role behind it, which in turn will dramatically increase the brand value of your event.

Moreover, these connections have the potential of lasting well beyond the trade show or conference, especially if they’re done right. In terms of brand reputation and image, creating partnerships between exhibitors offers several benefits, some of which are hard to quantify (word-of-mouth, brand recall, and so on). 

These connections have the potential of lasting well beyond the trade show or conference, especially if they’re done right

An efficient way of facilitating partnerships is with event or matchmaking apps, which analyze exhibitor data and provide smart matches based on the following criteria, which include:

Industry – Exhibitors from the same industry usually have aligning interests, making it easier for you to categorize leads by type when matching participants.

Example: By separating leads according to industry, you make matching process faster and easier, saving your exhibitors precious time and trouble from meeting the wrong company executives. 

Complimentary Offerings – Exhibitors can feed off the business of one another if you can find a way to identify and match their complimentary products or services. 

Example: One company may offer content marketing services, while the other focuses on web usability—together they strike a partnership to offer customers comprehensive services to their customers. 

Competitors – Competition is always good, and offers ways for exhibitors to know what the other is doing in a friendly environment. While it may seem counterintuitive to match rival exhibitors, It’s also a great avenue for potential collaborations to take place without intruding into each other’s market share. Friendly competitor interaction has actually become a cornerstone of our annual MUG Conference here in Denver.

Business Challenges – Any exhibitor at your event is bound to face some kind of challenge related to their business. By matching companies according to their needs and problem, you create a terrific opportunity for exhibitors to help and learn from one another.

Example: An exhibitor with a talent acquisition problem may be able to get workforce management pointers from another exhibitor who’s been there before. 

With proper matchmaking processes, trade shows, exhibitions and other similar events can turn into goldmines for exhibitors, allowing them to capture leads and create mutually beneficial partnerships that help increase reach and sales. For organizers, asking the right qualifying questions allows you to set up recommendations and scheduled meetings between exhibitors, helping them see the value of participating in your event, which in turn increases your brand’s visibility for the next event in the future. 

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Written by: Tabitha Naylor