RFID = Immersive Experience

RFID transforms the physical into the digital. Meaning RFID increases the speed and accuracy with which information can be tracked and analyzed to create a more immersive experience. RFID is reaching a point where progressive companies are implementing it in various industries. It opens brand new avenues of data collection and optimizing festivals or events based on individual preferences, and has been shown to be particularly powerful in the events industry.

The key to RFID and getting user buy-in is using data responsibly.

As found in an article by Tech City News, “RFID means organizers can collect Data around customer profiles, social media activity, general behaviors and festival spending all in real time. This insight gives organizers the ability to continually improve and fine-tune the visitor experience. Festival and event goers will move seamlessly from the physical into the digital and content from events will have a life beyond its borders and the here and now.”

The key to RFID and getting user buy-in is using data responsibly and with a clear goal so that it provides a customized and unique experience for each individual in your event.

As found by Computer Weekly, “The enormous potential business value of RFID-enabled systems has emerged as read rates have improved, accuracy has increased, RFID tag prices have dropped, and data transmission, storage and analysis systems have reached maturity.” Valuing data found through RFID and using it for mutual benefits means we’ll quickly see advances in the implementation of new technologies.

Data derived and analyzed from RFID also includes the use of other technology to fully maximize its reach and potential. Remarketing, customized content based on user preferences, and having automated marketing tools allow many possibilities for new insights and ROI.

Written by Alicia Borley

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