New Year, New (Web) Look

We're off to a great start here in 2017, and have coupled the new year with a little refresh on our website (as you may have noticed). While many of the same materials is still available for you, this change in structure reflects a larger initiative we're taking here at Brolly this year: a focus on two distinct product lines.

The navigation titles "For Trade Shows" and "For Events" underline how our modules work best together to support different types of events in the field. "Trade shows" in our context refers to our bread and butter, B2B shows- likely with a strong commerce component. You may be most familiar with our trade show modules, like: sites, registration, leads and commerce. Now, with our releases in this arena over the past 6 months we're excited to bring more functionality than ever to our customers in the spring trade show season. "Events" refer to our expanding market of festivals, municipal functions, and the myriad types of other gatherings out there in the world. These unique modules include: ticketing, RFID and event data management.

Now, you may be asking: didn't all of these modules work together before? Well, they certainly did, and they certainly will continue to do so. B2B shows can definitely utilize the insights of our RFID solutions, and municipal events can totally harness the power of our website systems. We've divvied up the modules to reflect the key demands we aim to meet in the market, and to make our diverse offerings easier to understand for everyone.

We didn't just stop at restructuring the site though. We're putting some new emphasis on our free demo system. Now you can easily get a walkthrough of our RFID solutions to see how they can be deployed at your next event, and coming soon you'll be able to tour our robust event portal system that we believe will change the game for events around the country.

So take a tour of our new systems, enjoy the new website, and know that if you have any questions we're always here to help.