How RFID Has Changed the Dynamics of Brand Engagement

Festival culture has become more brand and tech centric in 2016. Festivals including Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Coachella have been using RFID along with integrated apps to extend the reach of brands past the festivals themselves, which creates lasting digital impressions.  For event organizers and sponsors the most valuable benefit of RFID technology is the wealth and richness of data collected with RFID tags and integrated apps that track your favorite music, your listening preferences, etc. to make it a completely immersive and personalized experience.

An RFID brand engagement stand for our recent MUG Conference.

An RFID brand engagement stand for our recent MUG Conference.

Acquiring data isn’t new but how the data is extrapolated and analyzed is evolving and changing constantly. So how does this work? As Richard Goodstone, co-founder of Superfly, which produces Bonnaroo explained in an article, “One way that Bonnaroo attracts the interest of brands is by collecting deep data on audience behavior, some of which the festival posts on its website. Companies including Miller Lite, Red Bull, GNC, Teva, New Balance, Ford, MTV and many others sponsor individual event activations targeting their specific audiences, which Bonnaroo helps brands identify and define based on rich data capture systems using technologies such as beacons, RFID wristbands, social media analytics, and advanced event registration.” All these pieces of information and integration give rich audience insight and measurable ROI.

When integrating social media into festivals before, during, and after the show, you gain exposure to festivalgoer’s preferences, as well as the ability to build your online following. One of the first steps in doing this is announcing the event on social media and creating a festival specific hashtag for the event. This creates a buzz and gets people involved with the newest updates, sponsorships, contests and more. Engaging your audience before the event creates excitement and encourages interaction, which is even more effective with a specific app created solely for the festival. There are many benefits to engaging your audience after the festival as well. By using the app you could have access to buying tickets early, as well as purchasing special event merchandise, and announcing schedules and lineups early only to those that use the app. 

Engaging your audience before the event creates excitement and encourages interaction.

RFID technology as a whole is a great tool for festivals and events. It encourages easy and fast access, cashless payments (pictured in the header image above), interaction with organizers and sponsors and creates a secure and safe environment for everyone to have the best possible time they can. Brand involvement makes festivalgoers feel more included and engaged with the brands they love and new ones they’ll discover. RFID can keep people coming back by connecting unique memories and experiences at a festival.

Written by Alicia Borley

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