#EventConquerors: MUG Insights #5

Thanks for tuning in again to our #EventConquerors series. This post will be the last in which we dive into the insights generated by our Networking With Purpose groups during MUG last month. Moving forward we'll be highlighting event professionals who incorporate innovative ideas at their events. We'd love you to join in, just be sure to tag your successes and insights on social media with #EventConquerors and we'll have periodic digests of what our community of event pros is up to. Now into the insights...

How do you handle generation gaps at your events?

Moderated by: Philip Foust from Skyline Display and Design

Top Insights:
• It all begins with understanding your audience, you need a solid understanding of how different generations are represented at your event.
• Customize communications on different platforms specific to targeted audiences. Ie: use different language on Twitter than you do in direct mail.
• Design different settings and sessions in your event targeted at getting attendees across generations to interact and collaborate.

Key Takeaway:
While addressing different generations is key to event success organizers need to take an inclusive approach to avoid creating a completely generation-siloed event.

How does your event form a community of advocates?

Moderated by: Tim Hobbs, CEO of Data Connect

Top Insights:
Bake community breakouts into your programming to facilitate genuine connection between attendees with others interested in similar fields.
• Saying is not doing, while many attendees say they will refer colleagues and friends to an event most do not. Find ways to incentivize this grassroots community building.
• Asking attendees in-person at events about their community connections can be an invaluable tool for identifying growing communities year-to-year.
• Use digital tools to facilitate the progress of emergent event communities from your event year-round.

Key Takeaway:
The best events simply find communities and act as facilitators to their passions, find these niches and you'll have a growing community of advocates.

A big thanks to everyone at MUG this year who helped come up with great solutions to these seriously tough questions. Be sure to tag your successes and insights with #EventConquerors to share with us, and stop back for updates from our growing community of event pros!