#EventConquerors: MUG Insights #4

Catch up on all the great insights generated from our Networking With Purpose Sessions at MUG this year on our past #EventConquerors posts.

How important is social media to an event's success?

Moderated By: Griffin from Brolly
Top Insights:
• It starts with knowing your market, taking a focused approach to which platforms you use will drastically increase ROI.
• Be sure to speak the language of each platform you use, or find someone who does.
• Social media is an invaluable tool for brand building for many events, get influencers in your market involved early to make your brand aspirational.
• Let hashtags be the key to extending your event into a community with targeted communications and engagements year-round.

Key takeaway:
Events with the most social success integrate their use tightly with traditional media, for a comprehensive approach to building their brand.

How do you integrate remote and in-person tactics at your event?

Moderated By: Sarah Michel of Velvet Chainsaw
Top Insights:
Use a reversed classroom technique. Pre-event send out lots of great educational materials then set up an exercise to apply that knowledge on event day.
• Tease each session to prospective attendees and have them generate questions for speakers before they event arrive for the event.
• Create a series of post-event interactive webinars for attendees to continue connect about what they're having success with.
• Instead of live streaming sessions, try doing a scheduled replay and see how many in-person attendees you can reengage.

Key takeaway:
Create a specific schedule of pre and post-event tactics to deploy and stick to it, so they don't get lost in post-event chaos.

Tune in next week for more insights from MUG, and be sure to share your event successes with the tag #EventConquerors!