#EventConquerors: MUG Insights #3

A big thanks to everyone who's tagged their insights and successes with #EventConquerors on social media, stay tuned for updates on some of the best! In the meantime, let's dive in to some awesome insights generated at MUG a few weeks ago.

For those who've missed it these were questions posed at networking sessions at our conference recently, along with the great insights that came from them. Be sure to check out our past posts for more!

How are you improving attendee participation?

Moderated by: Amilie from Showcare
Top Insights:
• Facilitate more active sessions by integrating audience response into every speaker's presentation.
• Find ways to break your event up, connecting with a group of 200 is much more intimidating that connecting with a group of 10.
• Let attendees revel in anonymity. Tactics like a "confession wall", where attendees anonymously post their thoughts, have proven to be a comical and engaging event piece.
• Be sure to incentivize participation, use event apps to gamify meeting other attendees, visiting booths, or participating in sessions.

Key Takeaway:
Most attendees come to events wanting to participate, so make it easy for them. Attendees shouldn't need to know how to work a huge room to participate.

How do you use mobile and gamification strategies to increase engagement?

Moderated by: Meghan from Core-apps
Top Insights:
• Make engaging the path of least resistance at your event by including opportunities to engage right with key event resources, like in an app.
• Enable multi-directional communication between speakers, exhibitors and attendees to get the buzz going.
• Keep it simple. That frequently means sticking with one gamification tactic and really doing it well.
• Seek to gamify just beyond an event app or other technology, it needs to encourage real-life conversations and connections.

Key Takeaway:
Starting early, often as soon as attendees preregister, drastically increases your potential for success.

How do you turn a presentation into an engaging conversation?

Moderated by: Michael from Educational Measures
Top Insights:
• It all starts with how you lay out your rooms. If attendees feel like their in a classroom, then they'll act like they're in a classroom.
• Tease attendees pre-event with snippets from the presentations their interested in and encourage them to come with specific questions.
• Train speakers to act as facilitators during their sessions, not pontificators.
• Use audience response systems strategically to get attendees engaged early in every session.

Key Takeaway:
Embracing the "facilitator" mindset from layout to marketing to technology all works to create an environment more conducive to engaging and participating.

Check back next week for more insights from MUG and how our #EventConquerors are putting these techniques to good use!