#EventConquerors: MUG Insights #2

We're going to continue to break down some of the great insights from our MUG Conference week by week. If you have insights of your own to share or are applying some of these awesome ideas at your events be sure to use the tag #EventConquerors so we can find them!

How much tech does your event need?

Moderated By: Amanda from Brolly Event Solutions
Top Insights:
• It's quite easy to get overexcited and bring technology in that won't wow guests or exhibitors, and we need to keep that risk front of mind.
• Follow the classic Objectives/Strategies/Tactics framework when considering technology, remembering that tech is always a tactic.
• Create a detailed on-boarding program for getting buy-in from attendees of every attendee.
• Don't automatically assume that younger attendees will use tech while older attendees will avoid it, collect more psychographic data to inform your tech strategies.

Key Takeaway:
• You have to know the "why" of technology before you can know the "what".

How do you collect valuable attendee feedback?

Moderated By: Tommy from Core-apps
Top Insights:
• Before ever contacting attendees know the questions that you need answered, then develop your feedback strategy from there.
• Use a broad mix of feedback question types to generate insights from all types of attendees, always leave room for qualitative feedback.
• Incentivize feedback with prizes, giveaway contests and discounts depending on what provides value to your attendees.
• Collect feedback via an event app for the freshest responses, and feedback specific to different parts of your event.

Key Takeaway:
• Relevant questions will get you relevant feedback.

How do you communicate with millennial attendees?

Top Insights:
• We need to embrace a wide swath of communication channels and realize that some parts of our target audiences may get nearly all of their event info from new media.
• We should seek to differentiate their events by creating a unique environment and persona that relates our mission.
• Integrating causes and social activism into events has been a proven way to engage millennial audiences.
• Find unique ways to split attendees of all ages into small groups where collaboration and networking come more naturally.

Key Takeaway:
As with any market, the key to reaching millennials is knowing where they spend their time to effectively target them. This is constantly evolving however, and each channel requires a unique tactic of communication.

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