#EventConquerors: MUG Insights #1

Welcome to our newest blog series from the Brolly Team. #EventConquerors will be where we share some of the great insights that were generated at our recent MUG Conference and showcase the great ways that people use these insights to conquer their next events!

During our awesome "Networking With Purpose" Sessions at MUG we sat and chatted about some of the event industry's biggest challenges to come up with solutions. Here are just a few:

How do you keep pace in a rapidly changing industry?

Moderated By: Philip Foust of Skyline Display and Design
Top Insights:
• Clearly define the changes that have happened recently that affect your role, to inform what you need to get ready for in the coming months.
• Create a system for researching and keeping-up-on new technologies so you don't get overwhelmed or fall behind.
• Distinguish between what are new primary channels and technologies that need to receive heavy investment vs. iterative changes that can be done at low-cost.
• Your first thought when assessing event industry changes should be how you can create a great wow factor at your next event.

Key Takeaway:
In the events industry we have no choice but to embrace change and new technology, so we need great connections, systems and events to keep up.

How do you make your event memorable?

Moderated By: Levi Bulkley of Image Audio Visual
Top Insights:
• Before the event: Engage attendees as soon as they sign up with steady contacts. Promo videos, content from speakers, and puzzle pieces that cross over to event day are all great ways to get attendees activated early.
• On show day: Curate the attendee experience from end-to-end, things like professional matchmaking between attendees and scavenger hunts can help manufacture serendipity.
• Year-round: Facilitate the creation of an online community where attendees can share what they've applied in their work, then strategically drop in content relevant to your event.

Key Takeaway:
Engaging attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and staff year-round can create a community surrounding your event and create exponential growth.

Want to get involved?

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