Event Insights From The Internet-Of-Things

The idea behind data collection from IoT, wearables, etc. is to use the information to reveal a behavior, a pattern or a trend that would otherwise go undetected over a period of time. In other words, making the invisible visible. While there are many ways to collect data, if the proper tools aren’t used to analyze and track, the data effectively gets lost.

The right tools need to be implemented in order to extrapolate the data to make it meaningful and productive for event organizers.  Sensors are a part of every digital device and essentially serve as a beacon. The information each attendee allows their devices to share can be used to make an event more targeted and personalized as big data is harnessed to get insights into attendee preferences. Through mobile devices, foot traffic can be tracked in an event, which can give accurate and usable data from a sales perspective. An example of this is justifying a higher exhibition price if you can show potential exhibitors exactly how many people stopped by the booth the previous year.

As found in an article about loT and the Industrial Internet, “The value of information becomes a function of how fast it can be sent in an actionable format. Timing has traditionally presented an obstacle to this goal, since data analysis is often completed outside of normal business hours. The solution to this challenge is to make device data not only available in real time, but embedded in the core business workflow of enterprise applications.”

Pulling data in the right fashion is only one part of making IoT work for event organizers. There should be a cloud platform where the data can be uploaded and implemented with management functions so that the data becomes meaningful and profitable for event organizers. In essence, it’s creating a platform and solution that is fully integrated to find different ways to customize, personalize, and make it the most effective for exhibitors and attendees.

In my next post we’ll delve into potential applications of IoT at a hyper connected event. 

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Written by Alicia Borley