Technology Breaks Barriers in Event Marketing

Attendees at trade shows and exhibitions are ready for and receptive to mobile marketing techniques, according to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research.

Corbin Ball Associates published an article about Nine Amazing Trends to Watch in 2016. One prediction in this is that event intelligence will be the next big thing. Through research they found it is possible for every touch on a mobile event app to be tracked, scored, and rated.

Onsite likes, mobile polling and survey tools can be scored in real time. This real-time collection of onsite data can be a goldmine of information for event improvement, to make midcourse corrections, to engage participants, and to provide more targeted marketing. This brings us to using attendee tracking to know who’s connecting, to collect more specific and useful data.

Real-time collection of onsite data can be a goldmine of information for event improvement. published an article on The Future of Events Technology and how much more interactive tradeshows have become with the rise of technology and its advancements. This is seen in many examples, with their prime example being SXSW, which is happening this week. With social media alone, event marketing can include hosting a happy hour networking event, sharing photos or videos of the event, and video testimonials and interviews amongst many others. Event technology is making data easier to collect, measure, and analyze which is important to everyone involved. This is just the beginning! Other trends include remarketing, personalization, gesture technology, and custom construction. Stay tuned for more!

-Alicia Borley

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