Attendees Drive LEads

Not all events are appropriate for exhibitor-driven lead capture, which got us thinking about a new way to boost measurable event value. Enter our attendee-driven leads solution. With a simple code pasted at a booth or event, attendees can show their interest in your company and provide you with actionable leads, exhibitor engagement optional.

Exhibitors- Attendee Leads Section-01.png

Attendees scan your code

Intrigued by your catching booth design and stellar staff, interested attendees take a simple scan of your posted QR code, which lets them sign up for more info and download your materials

Exhibitors- Attendee Leads Section-02.png

Track downloads of materials

Throughout the event you track which materials are most sought after in your e-literature library, and get key insights into the interests of an event’s prospects.

Exhibitors- Attendee Leads Section-03.png

Leads self-qualify for follow up

Through this process each lead inputs key demographic data and provides an unbiased look at what they’re looking for from your company, so you can follow up without missing a beat.