Steps to Event Success

The Brolly Event Platform is a system of modules that work together to facilitate a flawless, ROI maximizing event for you. Get an in-depth look at each module below and see how together they make one complete system.

Brolly Registration

Whisk attendees and exhibitors right onto the floor, right where they need to be.

Brolly Sites

Get your event started on the right foot with a custom built website for marketing and sign up.

Brolly Commerce

Maximize event ROI for exhibitors and attendees alike with the power of show-floor buying.

Brolly Leads

Facilitate the capture of powerful prospect qualification data, seamlessly.

Brolly Live

Crank up engagement, security and insights with innovative uses of RFID.

Brolly Portal

Unprecedented control and unprecedented insight come built-in with our event portals.

Ready for more?

We're ready and waiting to help you get the most out of your next event. Simply confirm your email with us below and we'll have one of our resident Event Experts reach out to you directly, to show you how Brolly can be tailored to fit your needs.